MSOTA Board Members

MSOTA Board of Directors

The governing body of the Mississippi Occupational Therapy Association is called the MSOTA Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of a combination of elected and appointed officers.

The responsibilities of the MSOTA Board of Directors include:

  • Establishing the policies and procedures of the Board and MSOTA
  • Management of the affairs of MSOTA between meetings
  • Approval of appointments made by the MSOTA President
  • Authorization for the payment of bills above/outside the budget
  • Approving dates and times for general meetings and business activities of MSOTA
  • Making recommendations to the membership on various issues
  • Recognizing and receiving district associations in accordance with the Bylaws
  • Creating committees as necessary to fulfill a special issue/concern
  • Securing qualified advisors/consultants as necessary to assist MSOTA

Elected Officers

President:  Megan Ladner

President-Elect:  Vacant/Election to be held Fall 2022

Ex-Officio:  (previous President for one year post Presidency)  Kelly Crawford

Vice President:  Robin Parish

Secretary/Treasurer: Connie Ferguson

Secretary/Treasurer Elect:  Dale Griffin

Appointed Officers

Continuing Education Chair:  Erica Reeves

Legislative Chair:  Robin Parish

Membership Chair:  Heather Calnan Sumners

Reimbursement Chair:  Amanda Jordan

Public Relations Chair:  Jasmine Wilson

COTA Representative:  Sarah Quigley

Central District Co-Chair:  Kenley Smith

Coastal District Chair:  Robin Friend

Delta District Chair:  Wesley Radicioni

Meridian District Co-Chair:  Scott White

Meridian District Co-Chair:  Andrew Graham

North District Chair:  Brandi Peters

South Central District Chair:  Danielle Whittington

UMMC School Liaison:  Christy Morgan

UMMC OT1 Student Representative:  

UMMC OT2 Student Representative:  

Holmes Community College Liaison:  Cade Montague

HCC Student Representative:

Pearl River Community College Liaison:  Tim Pulver

PRCC Student Representative:

Ittawamba Community College Liaison:  DeeDee Lomenick

ICC Student Representative: