MSOTA Board Members

MSOTA Board of Directors

The governing body of the Mississippi Occupational Therapy Association is called the MSOTA Board of Directors. This Board is comprised of a combination of elected and appointed officers.

The responsibilities of the MSOTA Board of Directors include:

  • Establishing the policies and procedures of the Board and MSOTA
  • Management of the affairs of MSOTA between meetings
  • Approval of appointments made by the MSOTA President
  • Authorization for the payment of bills above/outside the budget
  • Approving dates and times for general meetings and business activities of MSOTA
  • Making recommendations to the membership on various issues
  • Recognizing and receiving district associations in accordance with the Bylaws
  • Creating committees as necessary to fulfill a special issue/concern
  • Securing qualified advisors/consultants as necessary to assist MSOTA


Elected Officers

Kelly Crawford

Vice President
Erica Reeves

Glenda Hux

Erica Reeves

President Elect

 Secretary/Treasurer Elect
Connie Ferguson



Appointed Officers

Legislative Chair
Glenda Hux

Reimbursement Chair
Amanda Jordan

Membership Chair
Heather Calnan


Public Relations Chair
Jasmine Wilson

Public Relations/Website Vacant

North District Chair
Brandi Peters

Delta District Chair
Brad Cooper

Central District Co-Chair
Kenley Smith

Central District Co-Chair
Jennifer Donahue

Meridian District Chair
Scott White

South Central District Chair
Danielle Whittington

Coastal District Chair
Julie LeBlanc

OTA Representative
Sara Quigley

UMMC School Liaison
Christy Morgan

UMMC OT2 Student Rep.

UMMC OT1 Student Rep.

HCC OTA School

Cade Montague

HCC Student Rep.

ICC OTA School Liaison
Susan “DeeDee” Lomenick

ICC Student Rep.

PRCC OTA School Liaison
Tim Pulver

PRCC Student Rep.